Sunday, February 18, 2007

excersize birding

This Sunday, I went to Saidaiji of Nara City. it is about 40 minutes by Kintetsu railroad. This day I carrie 12X camera of Panasonic & Binoculars only. No scope, tripod & any accesorries with bag. Today's main purpose is walking and watching birds. Of course I will take photos by this small digital camera.

It was very cloudy day, I didn't see a sun at all.

today's birds:
Great tit, Varied tit, Long tailed tit, Japanese white eye, Japanese pygmy woodpecker, sky lark, siberian meadow bunting, Rustic Bunting, Japanese yellow bunting, Tree sparrow, Oriental green finch, Dusky thrush, Pale thrush, Pied wagtail, Brown eared bulbul, Carrion crow, Grey starling, Wryneck, Eastern turtle dove, Grey heron, Great Egret, Grey headed lapwing, Common coot, Smew, Spotbill duck, Mallard, Green winged teal, European wigeon, Mandarin duck, Common cormorant, Little grebe.

It was excersize birding, I walked very much, This day I was alone, so I walked and took photos, watched birds and walked again.

When I came back to the wryneck's place, there were about 6 or 7 cameramans there.
I talk to one of them, What is your serching birds, wryneck? He said, "Yes, Yes, Where is it?
I said to him, you look for wrong direction, it is in this reed field.
he said, Oh I didn't know at all, Hey, everybody come here, it is here.
I asked him, where are you all from? He said "Nagoya" , We came from Nagoya, today.
I could understand, Thy are all stranger here, so they did not know where it is.
They came right place, but they look for other direction.

Suddenly, this bird cried loudly! And It landed on a shrub.
I said, Hey everybody, it is there, it's on the shrub!
Every cameran came here and took photos, and they could get many photos.

I heard from them, they can not watch this birds easily like here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rainy day at Kyoto

Hi, This Saturday, I went to Emperoir's old Palace park of Kyoto and Takano River. At that Palace, I watched White's thrush, unidentified thrush(photo), Japanese gros beak, Great tit, Pale thrush, Dusky thrush, Olieve backed tree pit, Japanese Green
woodpecker(only voice).
I was in hurry, because it might be rain. A friend of mine living at Kyoto suggested me to go to Takano river to watch Long billed plovers.
This couple of birds is getting their new nest and she said to me "we may see their display and copulation. "
They came soon at the riverbank where there are a lot of pebbles. I could see their display, but unfortunally, Capacity of my camera battery lost,
so I changed to new batteries, But,,,,these two birds were standing apartly, Oh, my god, it has already finished,,,,
I waited for their next dsiplay, but it began to rain. I finished to watch this bird any more.
I went to next place to watch a Whiten(Chlorosi?) female of Pintale. I could get enough photos of it!

It rained hard, so I took those pictures under the bridge. Thank you!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Subspecies of Peregrin Falcon

Hi, this is Kazu of Osaka, I will write birding report with bird photos on every weekend.
I finished birding earlier than the other weekend on 11th Feb. This 11th day is a National holiday of Japan. I came back to Nanba of Osaka city, I went to Sushi restrant for late lunch,it was already 2 oclock. I ate and took beer enough. after lunch I went to a community bus stop. Suddenly my handy phone ring. It was from Kuwa, he gave me a big information, the bird is subspecies of Peregrin falcon, it has like a black helmet on its head, normal peregrin falcon has a side hair before the ear, but this does not! of course I did not know about the details of it, I knew it after home.
The place of it was same Osaka city, it was a Yodo river near the Osaka Bay,it was so unconviniet place, I transfered trains two time, and took a short distance drive by a taxi. and the time has gone for about one hour past. but it was still there!!!I am so lucky! It was on a tower of high tension wire. Kuwa told me it is on the way to moving, so it is taking a long time rest at here. Yes, yes, so I could meet it. this falcon was too far for us, so I another 40x lenz for scope, but I can not get a clear photo by it. And I added all works on these photos with a paint shop pro.

This is my first time to blog here, so I will show my cameras and the way of taking a photo.I am doing dijiscoping.My tele scope is Geoma 65-S of Vixen with 20x lenz and my digital camera is DMC-70 of Panasonic, Both of them are already old type. and I arranged the sytem of taking pictures with a plate and a special holding plates of camera.